Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Renaissance

My Renaissance. The 4th definition in the dictionary I use online says renaissance is "a renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival."

I am feeling all of that and I must admit it is partially due to the time of year. There is a renewal happening outside watching my inspiration tree come to life again with bright green buds. I am in the very beginning of this same feeling that the tree must be experiencing. That could be why I relate to this tree so much. As the seasons changed, the tree and I changed with it.

My Inspiration Tree Coming Back To Life

I've been struggling with so many changes that life brings but also with boredom, which truly surprised me once I identified it. With family surrounding me and the obligations that go with being a Mom and Nana, my crafts and daily networking/social media activity, I still have time to be bored?? Yep.

Boredom with my creativity especially has been a biggie. I can't seem to get a handle on having no new ideas or thinking about trying something and seeing it done better and with much more talent by someone else almost immediately, I'm thrilled that I am working on a bowl I made myself out of strong mesh and plaster because it seems no one else is doing exactly the same thing, although mesh and plaster is not a new way to create in my world, at least no one is making a bowl. Bursts of energy that I used to have in abundance are now beyond me no matter how I eat, sleep, how many vitamins I take, how much exercise I get and so on. It seems to be more of a mental exhaustion. Not surprised exactly by this news but it gave me an official "aha" moment when I figured it out.

The good news is that the feeling I have is profound. I know that there are changes going on around me and within me. I need to stay as patient as I can and be open to the flow of change and growth. Something new or different, not yet explored, is going to be happening in my art, that is certain. I hope it's especially inspiring. That would be awesome. But even if it is just ho-hum, it will be awesome. The point is I feel the bubbling up of excitement and I like it!

Now that it is more difficult for me to cut/nip glass and tile without being in pain, I find I have a lot of days in between the cutting and nipping to study my many mosaic books and other art forms online often. I don't know where I'm headed with it all but I do know it's exciting to think I could be having my own sort of renaissance. Yay!

I've been studying the trends I follow or am drawn towards. Mid-century modern styles. The retro shapes and signs from Las Vegas and bowling alleys, bright reds, yellows and checkered black and white designs used in decorating. Sage green, grape, burnt orange, blue. Copper, wood, enamel. Cottage/beach/rustic/woodland/French country decor. Eames furniture designs and Kadinsky's art. I wouldn't have defined my personal styles (eclectic at the very least) if I didn't have an injury that stops me from doing what I used to do. Some days I have to lay flat because of pain but I watch shows on cable that have to do with design or history. I wouldn't have discovered much of this if I hadn't had to deal with pain. There's the silver lining, the positive spin, the icing on the cake!

I do believe I have to spend less time promoting and more time working. I like to share what I'm doing and I like to share what I find by others, so instead of stopping completely, I've honed in on utilizing sites like Pinterest and Facebook to share without spending every day, hours at a time, on it.

Monday's and Wednesday's are big social network promoting days. I spend 6-8 hours doing the Wordpress blog, Etsy treasuries, sharing on teams I belong to on Etsy, Flickr, Facebook and Pinterest. This will not change. The rest of the week used to be dedicated to sharing others' items I'd find and often featuring one of my own items on Etsy on the blog. I won't be doing that any longer. I will continue to do the daily pick for my "Eye For Design and Color" on tumblr because I enjoy it, even if it takes a while to do.

After I re-injured myself a few weeks ago doing something very simple, by reaching my left arm behind me to unlock the door while I was in my car and felt something akin to a rubber band snap inside my arm (ouch), I decided to cut back on promoting others' work as much as I once did and spend more time on healing myself and spend time with my craft. Now that time is limited on the computer, I have more time to spend doing other things. I'm glad because this opens up a whole slew of time spent creating and learning on days when I can't create. It also means when I am online, I have to make the most of it and use the time much wiser than I used to. Quality time with the crafts I love and sharing online will never stop but may change as I do, as time goes on.

I hope I live one minute at a time and really mean it, after knowing how quickly I can hurt myself, just by physically reaching --- the good news is all that means is I have to reach mentally and not physically towards the heavens above --- the sky's the limit!!. In all seriousness, I know stretching shouldn't cause pain, which means as soon as it's possible, I'll be headed towards a doctor to help me through this and to heal properly. I have come a long way by doctoring myself but I know I need more help than I can give to myself.

I am enjoying each small achievement and obstacle alike because it's all part of the greater experience. Something is changing here within me ... a shift is happening. Even with limitations, things suddenly feel more possible than ever! Amazing!!!

Meditation, quiet time and contemplation are part of my life even more than before. I enjoy the noise my family provides and I enjoy the quiet provided when they are asleep. I am making the most of each moment as it comes.

Happy Renaissance!!

Be at peace.