Friday, March 16, 2012

How Are You?

After completing the 21 Day Meditation Challenge provided by the Chopra Center I feel well both mentally and emotionally. Physically I'm still struggling but with a better outlook from the inside, the rest is easier to handle.

How are you doing? Did you do the Challenge? What did you get from it, if anything? What are your favorite meditations to do to help you through your life challenges?

I went for a short walk this evening after a rather trying day filled with noisy grandchildren and the stress that comes with constant activity created by 4 very different personalities. I took my camera, even though it was just before dusk and decided to take a few photos of the trees and sky. At some point in the future, I want to mosaic this:

Feel free to leave comments here; all are welcome. If you'd like to chat, send me an email through any time.

Stay peaceful.



  1. This challenge sounds intriguing. I've tried to mediate many times through my life ... and it seems that I have let emotional upsets stop me. I do try to listen to sweet music and that seems to help and of course I do my morning affirmations ... I don't like to skip those and they help me get through the day. I am a firm believe in positive energy and thinking and strive to keep my thoughts positive, but as you know, that's not easy.

    Happiness to all.

  2. The Chopra Center offers these meditations for free every day for 21 days, 4 times a year (summer, spring, fall and winter). If you can put aside 15-20 mins a day to "plug in" and listen to the daily guided meditations, it can do wonders. I highly recommend it. I believe listening to music quietly can be considered a form of meditation. Anything that calms you for at least 15 mins a day can be good for you. I meditate every day. I learned when I don't, even with positive thoughts and affirmations (I do them too) I get sad, depressed, lethargic. That of course makes positive thinking harder and sometimes impossible. Meditation keeps all the other things I do to keep me in the right frame of mind possible. Ha, there I go again ... rambling ... sigh ...

  3. I hope the physical catches up to the rest asap! Pretty picture too

  4. That would make an amazing mosaic! Hope you feel better physically soon, but emotionally and mentally is a great start.

  5. Thank you both! The physical will take longer to heal but that was expected. Photos like these help me on my way to staying healthy with the rest. :)