Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year!

Not much going on in the world of enlightenment these days ... I think I stalled out a bit. It is good to just enjoy where we are sometimes, staying "in the now", and that's what I've been doing.

We recently and unexpectedly lost a beloved family member, my grandson's biological father, Ben. While we weren't as close as we'd have liked these past few years, my daughter, her son and her boyfriend are feeling the loss of this very special man. He was an integral part of our blended family and will be missed tremendously. He had been chased by demons for years; it's a blessing to know he no longer suffers but it's hard for those he left behind. Malachi lost an important relationship, Tara lost a best friend, Mark lost a peer, I lost a kindred spirit. Ben will never be forgotten.

I had a bout of the flu and aches and pains of pushing through mosaic creativity when I wanted to rest. This was hard but worth it. I did it because I love what I do, I love who the mosaics were for and I love creativity. Not necessarily in that order. I'm actually still creating gifts for the holiday now passed but we all love to get gifts no matter when they are given, which means I'll be forgiven in presenting them to the recipients later than expected.

The best part about being creative is seeing the results. Happy faces when those gifted enjoy what they received is another perk. Life can be sweet!

There's a whole year of new possibilities waiting for us all. Take advantage of each day.

And don't forget to enjoy the little moments.

Stay peaceful.

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