Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#24. a stranger

I had trouble with today's challenge. I'm very uncomfortable taking photos of people. In a group, crowd or other gathering, it's fine, but my photos are better if I take them of nature and art, not moving subjects. I had nothing planned for today other than dropping my daughter off at her job later today and knew I had to push beyond my comfort zone to get the photo I wanted this morning because I didn't want to wait. I admit it, I looked through some of my daughter's wedding pictures I took in April and found one I could use. I decided to just go for a walk and get some shots for the next few days and see what happened. I like to play with the editing software, so it gives me a reason to play if nothing else. I walked up to the mini-mall and took a few photos from a distance of a few men working on a truck in the parking lot but you couldn't see the people and I wouldn't go closer. I headed home again and was taking pictures of flowers, ivy and a few other nature type things when I saw this poor woman across the street valiantly attempting to exercise. It was already over 80 degrees at 9 AM when this photo was taken. She's got the look - headphones, bottled water, and a wilted look about her body. I hope she made it home okay!

Stretch a little bit. Be creative.

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