Monday, July 9, 2012

#9. big

The humidity has subsided a bit and this morning before the heat was too strong to do it, I stepped out into the courtyard surrounded by the apt buildings and went under "my" tree. Maple trees are aplenty here.

I've missed trees a lot. Growing up in a small town where trees are everywhere you look and after living in the city for a few years where trees are sparse, I am once again enthralled with the beauty trees hold. Standing under the one nearest my window, I took a photo of one other nearby. They are big and beautiful!

I've taken a slew of photos this morning of the tree right outside my window. I can't get over how much I feel inspired by these trees. They "speak" to me! You can see them on my flickr photostream:

Be peaceful.


  1. Greetings, I can't tell where you are, I'm in central Florida and I can't believe that it's hotter in a lot more places than here. It's hot here, but it's supposed to be this time of the year ... lately though it's been a lot hotter than usual ... no climate change, hey. I love your words, be kind, stay peaceful. I use positive affirmations each and every least for a while the fear subsides. I'll keep checking your blog when I can. Time runs out for most of us alas.

    Happiness Always to ALL

  2. I'm in PA. We survived a 103 degrees with a heat index of 110 on Saturday. Luckily I was inside, staying hydrated with a/c and didn't move unless I had to. If you don't already do so, following the blog through email will give you a chance to see them when you do have time. This month I'm posting a photo every day because of the challenge I'm doing, but I don't normally post that often. Continue with your journey and enjoy where you are right now it's all we have.