Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Week Celebration Ends Tomorrow!

Today is my 58th birthday and because I love to celebrate and enjoy life, I decided to have a week long sale on both of my online sites. While this blog is meant for personal things and not business (after all I've got 2 blogs dedicated to that already!) I felt I should share the info here. Not until this morning, when someone who actually reads and likes these posts asked me why I wasn't using this one to share the info too? So, one request is enough to do just that!

It is rare that I do these kinds of things. I hadn't used a coupon code or offered freebies in over a year. I may not do it again or I might decide to have another one next month. That is the way of things. Some folks say it is the best way to make sales but I haven't found that to be true. There is no best way for me. I make mosaics in all shapes and sizes. Some are useful, some are decorative, some are made using all recycled items and some are made using all brandy new things. And I make mosaics for me first and always, which is why I love the muse so very much! Making the creative one inside happy is as important for my health as any diet or exercise program.

Now, business ... FYI: both sales end tomorrow at midnight EST.

On Etsy: Use COUPON CODE 58BDAY and get 10% off your order. This item has been used most often in treasuries so I thought I'd share it here.

Gazing Ball, Gold Mirror, Centerpiece, Home Decor, Wedding, Anniversary, Measures 6 inches in diameter. Price: $42.89

Thanks goes to a new customer (a former co-worker) who took advantage of the sales events this week and bought 2 items on IndieMade. This was really exciting for me because it was a first sale for that site! I learned that the shipping was wonky and had to alter that and also learned the items don't go away on the site just because they are purchased so I decided to add the word ****SOLD*** where applicable. And did so with a smile. That lucky customer bought 2 pendants which means they got 4 pieces of jewelry for the price of 2!

On IndieMade, I'm having a BOGO sale with a twist. Buy a handmade mosaic buckle and get 2 handmade mosaic pendants and a handmade mosaic ring for FREE. Buy a one-of-a-kind mosaic pendant and get another pendant of equal value for FREE! And because I like to celebrate, I wrap up the freebies so you have gift(s) to open on my birthday!! Yay!!

Mosaic Belt Buckle - Silver Oval - Beach Rock Star - 4 x 3 inches, Price: $55.95 (includes shipping/handling/insurance)

Mosaic Pendant - Pewter Yellow - 1-2/4 x 3/4 inches, Price: $22.95 (includes shipping/handling/insurance).

I really do love giving things away and will always find ways to share the love!



  1. Happy belated birthday! That gold center piece is so gorgeous.

    <3 Melissa