Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken Spirit

Altering my life to accommodate the physical healing that has begun has been a challenge. My mobility has been altered the most; less strength, pain when it rains and swelling in the joints, possibly forever. I have found this past years events have broken my mental spirit as well. I am pleased that I see this problem on the heels of starting the 21-Day Meditation from the Chopra Center. If nothing else, I will be spending 10-15 minutes a day sitting quietly listening to guided meditations. This always helps lift my spirits, calms and centers me and I always wonder, once I've found the balance again, why I let it slip in the first place.

It's ironic that once I decided to take others' advice and start an uplifting blog that I have lost a lot of my positive energy. It's time to restore the balance between mind, body and spirit.

If the term "inspired" actually means "in spirit", then when the spirit is broken, we are uninspired. This is certainly true for me. When I worked at the mosaic table yesterday, although I made 3 things using dish shards and some stained glass, the inspiration was not there at all and I wasn't pleased with how any of them looked when I finished them.

I have started the Meditation Challenge today along with millions of other people and will continue for the full 3 weeks. It was life-altering for me each time in the past. I will find my spirit again and when I do I'll also find the renewed enjoyment of still being able to move, albeit slower and without as much bounce in my step.

I will be able to share inspiring quotes, websites and thoughts and theories here in this blog as time goes on. I reminded myself that I am a spiritual person having a human experience. That's a very good place to start in order to find my enthusiasm towards my life and every day events.

I know everything comes to us when we need it. I'm confident that this upcoming event with the Chopra Center will give me one or two things to help me out of my slump. Before the month is done, I will once again say: Life is good.

The first quote from the 21 Day Meditation Challenge: “Have your attention on what is and see its fullness in every moment. The presence of the divine is everywhere. You have only to consciously embrace it with your attention.”~ The Vedas

Stay peaceful. See you in the gap. Namaste.

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  1. I hope you start feeling some more positive energy soon!