Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Blog Ever!!

How odd that I was going to write something a few days ago when before I could save it, the internet shut down. I lost everything I wrote. At one time, I'd have gotten angry about that but now I get a small flash of annoyance and then think, oh well, it wasn't meant to be and I move on. I don't hold any emotion to things I can't control. And now I'm learning how to see emotions and separate them. Not easy to do but it IS possible!

Once the net came buzzing back to life a few days later, I found my email filled with junk but also filled with much wisdom! Tiny Buddha is a blog I love to read and am happy to share the posts when I can. Oddly enough, the post I was going to write and couldn't was close in context to this post. It's written much better than I could write it and says more than I ever could. I now know why I wasn't meant to write the one I started! I was supposed to read, enjoy and share this one!

There is a reason that I like it so much. It comes in my email every day and more than once a week, one post will "speak" to me or be written as if it was especially for me and my situation. Not many blogs do that on a regular basis like this one does.

This particular blog post shared below from Tiny Buddha might help you if you're struggling with thoughts and don't know how to break them down or even what they mean. Sign up for more reading through them, go to their archives and read what jumps out at you.

Here's the one that came in my email today:

Tiny Buddha


Be at Peace.

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